Power Flush Promo!!!!!

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“Get your central heating system power flushed today”.  Free quotes!!!!

Call us today on 01202 675393 to discuss having your central heating system power flushed. Over time the central heating system starts to rust and corrode, radiators can get blocked with sludge from the system along with pumps and the boiler.

The sludge impeeds the central heating water being pumped around your central heating system. If this is the case we would advise having your system chemically power flushed. We are able to assess how bad your heating system is and offer a solution by having it flushed. 

“Therefore we offer you this offer of  having your heating system power flushed  at £299.00 for ten radiators to be flushed with chemicals and system re-filled with inhibitors”  

Time to Power flush heating system 01202 675393

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